🐲Creating Profile

Let's jump into creating your dragon profile with us!

Run /create

Once the bot in the server, you can now use its commands in your server channels.

To start so, use the /create command and the bot will tell you some info about the game & creation steps. Let's discuss some!.

Creation Steps

  1. After reading the info, Start by clicking on the start button:

  1. Then, Choose the class you like between the available classes and hit Select:

The ONLY difference between classes is the look. No any other differences for now.

  1. Finally, Enter your preferred username (3-16 characters , no special characters allowed (except . and _ ) and English only) and a 6-digits PIN (this is to ensure safety for your items).

  2. Congratulations!!!! You are ready to gooooo !

Start your first battle and show us your power!

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