๐ŸŒŸBecoming a patron

If you would like to support Rexy, you are on the right place!

Linking yotur Patreon account with your discord account

  • First of all, if you haven't created an account yet, please create an account on Patreon

  • After creating an account, head up to this page: https://www.patreon.com/settings/apps/discord to connect your Discord account with your Patreon account

  • After opening the page, Click on connect:

  • And that's it. Your Discord and your Patreon are now connected!

Make sure to connect the right Discord account!

Joining the party

After you have linked your Discord with Patreon (really important if you want to get cool perks)

you can head to Rexy Patreon Page: Click Here and choose your suitable tier:

After joining, you will receive a DM from Rexy telling you that you have successfully joined.

Note: to get Your Role reward, you Must be in our community server

If you encounter any problems just message us in our community server

Pro Tip: You can view your Patron details through the bot by using /patreon

๐Ÿงก Finally we want to thank you very much for supporting Rexy ๐Ÿงก

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