⚔️Fights & Ranking

Enjoy PVP 1 vs 1 Ranked battles and be at the top!

Note: Fights unlock at Level 5.

How to play?

You can run /fight and the matchmaking will start :

Matchmaking system allows you to fight against suitable & similar opponents to your current rank.

When matched, it will tell you who is the opponent and the fight will start in 10 seconds :

And this is the Fight Interface:

The interface is similar to Battles so refer to it if you want to learn more.

Ranking System

When you win/lose a fight, you get/lose some Ranking points. Ranking points determines your current tier and your rank between the other dragons.

Every 100 points you rank up to a next tier

Rank Tiers Are:

  • Novice III : 0-99 Rank Points

  • Novice II : 100-199 Rank Points

  • Novice I : 200-299 Rank Points

  • Guardian III , Guardian II & Guardian I : 300-599

  • Titanium III , Titanium II & Titanium I : 600-899

  • Elder III , Elder II & Elder I : 900-1199

  • Legendary III , Legendary II & Legendary I : 1200-1499

  • Mythic III , Mythic II & Mythic I : 1500-1799

  • Draconic : 1800-∞

Important Details

  • Joining a fight consumes 20 Ranked Stamina, in normal cases, you have 200 available ranked stamina per day which resets every day at (GMT+0)

  • A new season comes every 40 days. each new season decreases your rank points, enabling you to compete more to be at the top this season

  • Season 3 Coming 01:00 AM 19/2/2024 (GMT+0)

Now you are ready to depend on your self to explore the rest of the other systems with this knowledge! WOW!. We can't wait to see your dragon at the top of our leaderboards mate!.

One last thing...

Enjoy Rexy !

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