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You have noticed that we have talked about items a lot in the previous guides, how about getting into them in detail?


they can be consumed in many ways such as crafting them to a higher item/equipment , upgrading your equipment with them or use them if they are useable!

Item type can be one of this

  • Material: mainly used for upgrading/crafting.

  • Consumable: mainly used to give some buffs to your dragon.

  • Chest: openable item that contain different items.

  • Equipment: which you can equip them to increase your PR

  • Key: Required Item to enter dungeons

You can play around and search for different items through our official wiki

Most of Items can be obtained from:

  • PVM Battles

  • Shop

  • Black Market

  • Chest Items

  • Crafting

Pro tip: you can type /info item [item] to see from where this item can be obtained

Where can I see my items?

All your items can be found in your interactive /inventory :

Select an item, and it will open up a more detailed menu to see what can you do with this item :

Note: This an example of the "Material" type item. If you selected another type, other buttons will appear


They are very, very, very helpful to increase your PR and become stronger!

Equipment mainly can be obtained from Crafting, PVM Battles, Monster Chests.

You get the equipment but it is +0, so you need to /upgrade it to +1 ... +9

Each level up gives you more PR !

Now you want to equip it, right? .. Well, that's easy!

  • Open up the inventory

  • Select the equipment

  • Click Equip

  • Congratulations you became stronger!

To get detailed info about any item you can see our Official Wiki .

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