Dealing with members

Invite, promote, demote & manage your guild members!

Inviting your friends

It is important for your guild as they will help in leveling it up. You can start inviting your friends by /guild invite [@member] and they can either accept or decline the request:

You can have up to 20 members in your guild.

Viewing guild members

You can view all your guild members by /guild members :

It will show their guild coins (obtained from contributing) , their role, and when they joined

Promoting & Demoting guild members

We know that it is frustrating for the leader to manage their guild on their own, and we have the solution!

You can promote a guild member to an inviter or an assistant.

  • Inviters: They can invite new members to your guild

  • Assistants: They can invite & kick members, promote/demote members to/from inviters, start a guild battle and can also activate a guild boost!

To promote a member, you can do so by /guild promote [@member] :

and to demote you can do : /guild demote [@member]

Assistants can't promote/demote members to/from assistant role

Kicking a member

To kick a member, simply type /guild kick [@member]

Leaving a guild

To leave your guild, you can do /guild leave, but remember that some perks will be lost.

Now it is time to contribute to your guild and increase its wealth!

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