Enjoy PVM battles to level up your dragon and collect variety of items!

How to play?

Run /battle command and you will enter the action immediately !

Tip: You can also specify stage level (-4/+0 levels only) & can hide message (to be only visible to you) within the command options.

With this battle interface, you can now view some stats about your battle.

Let's describe some of them

  • Recent Actions, Telling you what is happening during the battle.

  • Players/Monsters HP Stats.

  • Battle Image, Tells you a short brief about the battle

  • Battle BUTTONS, the most important . So let's jump into some details!


  1. Attack: Attacks a random enemy with a well-calculated damage of your ATK Stats. Attack has 2 seconds cooldown.

  2. Heal: Heals a random amount of HP between 10-15% HP. It has 15 seconds cooldown

  3. Refresh 🔄: Refreshes the battle and shows the latest actions

  4. Skills: They are very helpful. You can unlock them when you reach level 5. For more info please click here

Now you've got all the basics, so how battles work?

How to win

It is very easy, Monsters should be defeated by reaching their HP bar to 0%.

Use the available buttons to attack them and ensure that your HP bar hasn't reached 0% so you won't lose!

What if I lost / Can't win the current stage?

It is normal, it is because your PR (Power Rating) is too low compared to your current dragon level.

If so, try to do one of these to increase your PR :

  • Craft the highest equipment level you can equip

  • Upgrade your equipment to +9

  • Train your dragon and increase stat points

And then try again, hope you will be able to defeat your enemies!

New Feature: /info stage command will let you be able to know info & the possible stage drops

Important Details

  • Joining a battle consumes 20 Stamina, in normal cases, you have 200 available stamina per day which resets every day at (GMT+0)

  • Battles give you XP to level up , coins to spend in the Shop & Items (Drops based on specified chances) to consume during your dragon journey

  • You can also get more stamina & some other cool perks by becoming a patron

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