Enjoy Multiplayer PVM Dungeons with your friend and get awesome loot!

How to enter a dungeon?

To enter a dungeon, you have to meet its level requirement first then get the dungeon key from the /keys shop

You can run /keys shop then select the required key to buy it :

Then you can do /dungeon [dungeon] to enter it!

How to play?

It is the same as Battles but more challenging, and you can also play with your friends! your friend can join you by just clicking on the Join button (must have a key too):

The host can click "Start" to enter the dungeon and start the battle!

Dungeon battle interface

It is pretty similar to Battles, but to differentiate players skills, your Skills will have your player number. So If you are player number 1, and have Dragon's Fury Skill, the Dragon's Fury Skill Button will have your number (ex: (1))

How to win?

Just clear all dungeon floors and defeat the final boss, and congrats!

Important notes:

  • Dungeons can be run every 1h and 30 minutes

  • After clearing a floor, your HP will be automatically increased by 20% enabling you to fight the next monsters

  • If your level is higher than the max level, you most probably will not gain any drops, but you still can help your friends pass the dungeon!

New Feature: /info dungeon command will let you be able to know info & the possible dungeon drops

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