Skills make your fights more fun!

Skills can give you more Attack Damage, more Defense or Healing!

Note: Skills unlock at level 5.

There are currently 5 Different Skills all with different abilities, you can set up to 3 skills at your battle

For more information about the skills and what they are doing, you can use /skills :

Ohkay, now you have got info about the skills, so how to unlock them & edit your skills menu?

As you have read, You can get 1 skill points when you reach levels 9 .. 12 .. +3

with 1 skill points you can unlock/level up a skill to increase its power

You can do so by clicking on the "Increase A Skill Level" Menu and click on the skill you want :

And to edit your skills menu you can click on "Edit Your Skills Menu" Button then select your preferred skills :

And boooom, you are now a skills master and can use them in your battles!

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